Chakras Candles

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Pack of 7 Aromatic Candles, with Chakras Colors. Great for relaxing massages and for meditation moments.

Each color represent a specific energetic field in our body:

  • Red: basic chakra, that connect us to the Earth.
  • Orange: umbilical chakra, represents our emotions, desires, pleasure and sexuality
  • Yellow: Solar Plex chakra, represents our ability to express and self-confidence
  • Green: represents the Heart Chakra, responsible for the love we feel for ourself and for others
  • Light Blue: Laryngeal Chakra, represents the communication and creativity
  • Indigo: Frontal Chakra, represent the third eye, the intuition
  • Violet: Coronary Chakra, represent our connection to the Superior Energy

Essences: Orange, Apple, Strawberry, Camomile, Lime & Lavender.

Height: 4cm each
Color: 7 colors of chakras
Cost per each: 425,00 MZN

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